The story is typical… A high school boy, working construction for extra money, who learned the trade, realized he was good at it and saw an opportunity.
James Dodson officially founded CSG Restoration, LLC in 1996, in its original location of Boonville, Missouri. At the time CSG was a small company; the only service was seamless guttering.

Two years later, having completed a number of other construction projects, CSG moved to Columbia, MO and expanded its service list to include a complete line of exterior and interior restorations.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly.”

It is important to know what you are selling and offer a product you truly believe in. With the current market and products available CSG takes the proper steps to stay ahead of the curve.

Core Values

  • We take pride in every job we tackle.
  • We aren’t salesmen. We are a part of every aspect of the project, managing the whole process from installation to clean-up. Adequate supervision is always provided and an employee of authority surveys projects upon completion.
  • Our pricing is competitive, however quality is never sacrificed. If the materials are not the best we’ve used, we’re not going to use them. You won’t find cheap products in our projects.
  • The CSG staff is extremely talented and very efficient; we hire those with long-term potential affording them the time to gain experience and learn the responsibility of being an effective team member.
  • We see past the job at hand. We genuinely care about our clients and nurture the relationships because we believe our clients are equally as important as their projects.
  • Construction materials and tools are ever-evolving; we are consistently training our staff, keeping up with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and researching to find the best possible products; anything to make our process better.

The CSG Management Team

Brandon Dodson, Chief Operating       Officer (COO)

Josh Ritzo, Director of Operations     

Jake Bowman, Field Operations Manager

Kimberly Bell, Office Manager

Stephen Dupre, Project Consultant

Austin Cundall, Estimator

Lenny Joliff, Superintendent