You probably won’t think about the importance of your home’s roof until you notice a leak. When your roof comes crashing down due to  storm damage or old age and you need a team of experienced roofers to restore your roof and protect your home. Let CSG Restoration in Columbia, Mo handle all of your roofing repair and installation needs.


Maintenance and Roofing Repairs


The four most common reasons homeowners need maintenance or roofing repairs is due to storm damage, replacing a worn roof, increasing home value or completing a major remodel. It’s not unusual for maintenance and roofing repairs  to be made from time to time. Plus, your roof  serves as the structural support of your home  and controls water ingress, air flow, water vapor diffusion, heat flow and surface protection.

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Roofing Materials


When it comes to roofing materials, the options can be endless, but you want to make sure you are choosing the material that best fits the style, longevity, and framework of your home. Popular options are asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles, metal roofing, slate, wood shingles and shake, and synthetic roofing products.  

Chosen roofing materials should be determined by the the specific project, however, it’s not uncommon for us to replace previous roofing installations or roofing repair jobs  with poor execution  by other companies or transient roofers. At CSG Restoration, our team  has the expertise and resources to correct these mistakes and help you make informed decisions about the best materials to use for your next roofing installation.  

Here’s a list of recommended questions to ask yourself before deciding on your next roofing material:

  1. What is the cost, lifespan, and warranty of the roofing material?
  2. Does the material come in the style and color complementing and adding value to your home?
  3. How heavy is the material and will it require extra framing before roofing installation?
  4. Is the material fireproof or does it meet  the fire regulations in your area?
  5. How does the material perform in extreme weather?

Shingle warranties are also available for select products and vary depending upon the project necessities. Interested in learning more? Contact the CSG Restoration team today for more information! 

Average Project Timeframe:

Roofing replacement or repair is NOT a weeklong process with our capable team. On average, a roof removal and reinstallation will take one day.

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